Fresh 72

A Fresh 72 Newborn photo session is typically shot within 24-72 hours of a baby’s birth. It is more than a simple documentation of a baby’s first day in the hospital. After the thrill and excitement of birth, the first 72 hours of baby’s life are a time of quiet. Distractions from the outside world fall away. An intense love and bonding grows between parents and their new little one. It can be a way to remember the beginnings of a family.

Hospitals contracted with Camories Baby Photography are staffed with our professional photographers, on-site every day. Each new mother is offered a complimentary photo session that takes place right in her hospital room, parents and siblings are encouraged to participate to create a beautiful family experience.


Providing Newborn photography services for a decade. Photographed more than 10,000+ babies in the hospitals. We are well trained passionate Newborn photographers. Best camera equipment’s used in the hospital.

Client satisfaction with no complaints On-time delivery as committed to the client. Best client handling, Affordable Pricing. Trained baby handling Photographers. Best Props & hygiene maintained, dedicated customer service. Data Backup Maintained in our server for 5 years. Quality images.